Reading and Literacy

A new reading program introduced in the 2014/15 school year. The WonderWorks and WonderWorks Intervention Reading Program are designed for K-1st grade.  Wonders Reading is designed for grades 2-6th and meet the Common Core state standards, includes research based instruction and provides intensive scaffolded support.  It allows all students to read increasingly complex text, to think more critically and apply rigorous standards.


WonderWorks and WonderWorks Intervention promote and build strong foundational skills necessary for reading and writing.  Differentiated instruction is embedded to allow students with different learning styles to achieve their potential at their grade level.  Digital instruction is included to engage students through technology.  Assessments are ongoing to determine their growth in phonological awareness, phonemic awareness, phonics, word recognition to build automaticity and vocabulary.  The WonderWorks Intervention program can be used by support staff/classroom teacher to provide students with extra support when needed.


Wonders Reading for 2-6th grade, builds on the foundation skills and continues to scaffold and build developing reading skills to ultimately lead students to be independent readers.  Again, the Wonders Reading Program provides differentiated instruction and digital instruction along with teacher modeling to allow the student to increase their ability to read complex text, to increase their critical think ability and apply the rigorous standards to build their understanding and knowledge.  An intervention kit is also available at these grades levels to build support for students when needed.


At 5th-7th grade Novel Studies Series Launchers, Reading for Success can also be introduced to students. Series Launchers is a Literature Based Direct Instruction program that provides short novels which introduce students to popular Children’s chapter books. Each novel is designed to be read/discussed in a 2-3 week period.  Lessons may include vocabulary buildup, guided story reading, comprehension activities including some written exercises and test practice.  These novels can become much longer in intensity of reading/responding to text and may last up to a month.  These novels may include award-winning literature for children and will also include vocabulary buildup, guided reading and fluency exercises.  The teacher may also include more written activities and follow up enrichment activities to engage the students in the reading and comprehending of the novel.


Corrective Reading Decoding


Students in third through seventh grades that are two or more grade levels below in reading and have not mastered the foundational skills to enable fluent and accurate reading are placement tested into Corrective Reading Decoding. This program is designed to accelerate a student’s decoding skills up to or very close to grade level, enabling him or her to be successful in the core reading program and ultimately, other subject areas. Some features of this program include frequent interactions between teacher and students to maximize time spent learning, teacher modeling and demonstration to boost student confidence and success, guided and independent practice and application to gradually transfer responsibility for learning, and adequate practice and review to develop deep mastery of skills and concepts. Students in Special Education follow their Individualized Education Program.


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