The Fond du Lac Ojibwe School Title I Annual Parent Meeting will be held during the Manoominike Celebration on Friday, October 21, 2016 at the school.


Title I Program information will be available and staff will be present to answer any questions.

 (Click Here for Program Overview Presentation)

All Bureau of Indian Education funded schools receive funds to implement a Title I School-wide Program. The statute requires schools receiving the funds to annually assess their current Section 1114 plan, revise as needed and submit an annual budget to carry out a Title I School-wide Program. The purpose of a Title I School-wide Program is to “upgrade the entire education program” based upon the needs of the students served in order to increase academic achievement. A Title I School-wide Program allows the school to integrate their programs, strategies and resources. A school-wide budget consolidates Federal Education funds.


The Ojibwe School is dedicated to providing a quality education, focused on integrating the Ojibwe culture into all students’ learning experiences. Every learner has the opportunity to be challenged to succeed, and be prepared for the future. Students will demonstrate the highest level of expectations for themselves and the school.


Our mission statement influences how we invest state and federal funding to support school-wide programs and coordinate student services. The school offers a blend of planned, developed, and implemented coordinated services to students K through grade 12. We are committed to meet the educational and culturally related academic needs of all learners.


We teach the outcomes of the State of MN curriculum complete with benchmarks and standards and balance this education with teaching Ojibwemowin, and local Ojibwe culture and history. All teachings are evidenced in the school’s daily, weekly, and monthly teacher lesson plans and documented in the student record system.


A majority of funding is comingled, though restricted funding targeting specific student populations are applied to increase coordinated services, e.g. Title I, McKinney-Vento, and Special Education Funding is obligated to programming for meeting and exceeding the four guiding principles as amended by NCLB: stronger accountability for results; greater flexibility in the use of all federal funds; more choices for parents of children from disadvantaged backgrounds; and a strong emphasis on research based instruction that produces positive results.


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