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Elementary Technology, Grade One, Grade Three


Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College

Lake Superior Technical College

University of Wisconsin, Superior





Boozhoo!             May 26th, 2016


Friday the 27th is a half day.  It is FDL's Graduation Day.  Also, there will be no school on Monday the 30th.

If your child received a Summer School letter, please sign and return it.  It will be very beneficial for your child to keep up their chops as they enter the 2nd grade.


Summer sky is approaching.  The students have been looking for ursa major/ursa minor (big/little dipper) along with Orion's belt.  Take them out at night and look at the night sky.  We've also been looking at it from the Native American's perspective. 


We are working on Topic 15 in Math.  The concept is telling time.  Continue to show your child the clock and quiz them on identifying the correct time. 


The students have also started doing more independent work regarding their weekly reading tests for our Wonders curriculum.  We will go over mistakes, but they are expected to bring home the test and go over it with you as well.  If they return it corrected, they will receive a prize point and a bump up in their score. 


 Anytime you have a question about your child's progress (behavior, report card, or share time),  call me at 878-7211 or send an e-mail at  

Spelling words for the test on June 3rd:

haul, cause, saw, paw, dawn, love, friend


Here is a list of some of the high frequency words your child should be able to read instantly.  A paper copy was sent home prior to this.

our, because, blue, into, or, other, small, find, food, more, over, start, warm, caught, flew, know, laugh, listen, were, where, found, hard, near, woman, would, write, four, large, none, only, put, round, another, climb, full, great, poor, through, began, better, guess, learn, right, sure, color, early, instead, nothing, oh, thought, above, build, fall, knew, money, toward, answer, brought, busy, door, enough, eyes, brother, father, friend, love, mother, picture, been, children







Welcome to the 2015 - 2016 School Year!

Welcome to the Fond du Lac Ojibwe School. My name is Mr. (Kris) Anderson. This is my 10th year at the Ojibwe School.  I was a 3rd Grade Teacher for several years along with being the Technology Teacher.  I am excited to be teaching first grade again this year.  We will be doing various activities integrating Math, Science, Reading, Social, Art, Phy-Ed, Music, and Cultural Concepts.  PLEASE CHECK OUT THE PHOTO ALBUM SECTION TO SEE SOME OF THE ACTIVITIES!

I am a firm believer in classroom management so all students can gain as much knowledge as possible without disruptions or distractions. Any help with reminders to the students coming from you and the community will also have an important impact on the class. When you have a chance, please take a look through our Ojibwe School Policies in the Handbook, which should have been provided to you. If one has’t been provided, please contact the school.

Your child's up-to date grades will be posted on INFINITE CAMPUS.  Please click the following link to log on and view your child's performance.  If you have trouble logging on, contact me. 

I am really looking forward to this year and having your child participate 100%. Our daily schedule is located below.  If you have any question, please contact me via e-mail at: or call 878-7211.




Mr. Anderson